Happy New Year! 


I’m looking out my office window at the beautiful hills and lovely blue sky of a crisp winter’s day.  There’s a cloud passing by, a little dark, but mostly lit by the sun and it reminds me of losing our dear Lou this month.  She was my mentor and a great guide into Soroptimists.  We will miss her so.


Onward and upward we go.  The next two months are busy, busy times for Soroptimists and I hope that you have all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to jump right in.  Bras for a Cause will be at a new venue this year—it is time to line up sponsors and donations, collect ads, encourage bra submissions and sell, sell, sell those oportunity tickets.  January is our Wine Event on the 24th and we have a wonderful program about “Writegirls” scheduled for our Program meeting on the 17th.  We also have the Spelling Bee on January 17th and February 5th.  Next up is our Dream It, Be It Luncheon on February 9th.  February is a biggie, since we are also hosting a Stop Human Trafficking CAST Event at Glendale Community College on the 26th.  It will be important to have a strong attendance from our club—wear your Soroptimist top or sweater—a veridable sea of blue...  As if that was not enough—don’t forget to hit the after christmas holiday sales to get PJ’s for our great day of service on March 2nd.  Busy, busy, busy.  So little to do and so much time.  Wait, reverse that…



Message from Our President

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